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Your wedding is about celebrating commitment and community. It is, at once, intensely personal and incontrovertibly public. The vows you write and exchange in front of your guests are a show of love. But at the same time, a wedding should not be a show. It is a joyous occasion to be shared with those you love most.

As a bride, I wasn’t very good at wedding planning. I knew I wanted to celebrate with our closest family and friends, and I wanted it to be lovely. Overwhelmed by choices, I contemplated options for venue, dress and decorations – without having a clear vision. But when it came to our photographs, I knew what I wanted: really beautiful portraits. Our photographer delivered dozens of portraits of Ian and me. But when I look at all our photos, I sometimes feel a little sad and wonder – where are all of our guests? We received eight pictures of my shoes, and eight pictures of our rings, but not one good moment between my parents or candids of Ian’s grandparents. In my memory, our wedding day felt like a big hug, but we don’t have photographs of the people who were hugging us and celebrating with us. If our wedding pictures made a movie, it would have played like a one-woman show and not an ensemble cast.

As a photographer, I want you to know that you don’t need an hour for portraits of the two of you – but you may want an extra hour with your guests. You probably won’t regret not having a photograph of your programs – but you may miss not having pictures of your guests’ emotions during the ceremony. I believe that perfect is a myth, and pretty doesn’t hold a candle to authenticity. I want the images I make for you to celebrate not just the love you have for each other, but all the important people with whom you’ve surrounded yourselves on this most momentous day.

I work closely with you to understand who and what are most important to you, so you can fully enjoy your wedding day with your guests and not worry about the photography.


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