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Kind Words & Letters

Amanda & Andrew
Kelly you are so amazingly talented, it’s ridiculous. We love the photos so much and truly loved working with you. Thank you for everything that you did and for taking such special photos of our loved ones!

Kate & Josh
Kelly, we LOVE these [engagement] photos!!! We were oooing and awwwing over them all of last night. Thanks for making us look so good! :) Seriously, though, you really captured us a couple – we could not be happier with the results. Josh and I were commenting last night how talented you are not just as an artist, but as a listener and writer. Not only do you take gorgeous photos, but you remember details about our engagement while doing it! Your multi-tasking skills are so impressive. Thank you again for such a fun, memorable day, and for the beautiful photos. We LOVE them!!!

Melissa & Ben
Ahh, Kelly, thank you SO much! You’ll be happy to know we looked at all of these on our brand new couch with mulled cider and port cocktails and it was perfect. There are SO MANY beautiful, incredible pieces of art in here that capture so many loved ones faces and cherished moments. I’m just stunned! We couldn’t have picked a more wonderful person for the job of sharing and memorializing our great happiness. I’m just speechless, honestly! Thank you so much for these beautiful photos and the gift of re-experiencing all this joy.

Leslie & Rich
Overall, Kelly is just really great to work with. She’s down to earth, relatable, and 1000% focused on giving you the day that you want. She won’t make you reenact awkward romance shots from Pinterest and many of your favorite pictures will be the ones she takes when you don’t realize she’s shooting. We really liked that Kelly asked a bunch of questions way in advance of the wedding and then acted on those; had she asked them the day of the wedding, we likely wouldn’t have been as articulate about what we did or didn’t want. By planning it in advance, though, Kelly captured all of the things we wanted and so much more than we could have imagined. Kelly also found a great second shooter to accompany her – even without having met her ahead of time, we trusted her because Kelly did.

Kristina & Joe
Hi Kelly, These are wonderful! We followed your advice and viewed the gallery for the first time sitting side by side with a celebratory beverage. Even in the short span of a week we’ve returned to the galleries many times, each time surprised by some new detail we hadn’t noticed before. Our wedding felt, as you said, like a big hug, and looking through the photos was like being hugged over and over again by special people who brought that day to life. You captured the day so vividly and thoughtfully. We were touched by the emotional range of the images, from the very subtle to the exuberant – it all feels like magic. We really can’t thank you enough.

Lauren & Chuck
Ahhhh! Obsessed! These are amazing and I can’t stop looking at them. We can’t begin to thank you for capturing the day so perfectly – all the emotion of the ceremony, the little details we missed at the time, and the joy of the reception.

Erica & Brian
Hi Kelly, Thank you very much for the beautiful photos! While our wedding was a bit of a whirlwind, these photos are a lasting reminder of all the special little moments that made up our day. As we were looking through the photos for the first time, we had a hard time not marking every one as a favorite. Your photos truly capture the look and, more importantly, the feeling of the day. We had a wonderful time working with you over the past year and a half, from our initial meeting to our last dance. While the wedding planning process may have gotten the best of me at times, your excellent organization and sound advice were always a source of sanity. We cannot wait to share the photos with our friends and family.

Jane & Ike
Kelly!!! Thank you so much for these beautiful photos! We love them so much. We already marked so many of them as our favorites. It was so nice working with you. You are a true artist and we can’t wait to have these photos displayed in our house.

Wendy & Ajay
Kelly was easy to work with, down to earth, took a lot of time to get to understand us as people, which really shone through in how she planned out our photos. She was also extremely professional through and through, put a lot of thought into the details not only of the planning stages but the mental and emotional prep for the couple and their families. On the wedding day itself, she was like a calm, friendly ghost! Making everyone at ease, quietly slipping in and out and poof–beautiful photos at the end

Caitlyn & Chad
Hey Kelly, We are head over heels in love!! We’ve been looking at the pictures non-stop! You did such a fantastic job and we feel so lucky to have had you be a part of our special day.

Chelley & Nick
Thank you sooooooo much for all the beautiful snapshots of that phenomenal day. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. Your thoughtfulness, warmth, and flexibility is ever present, and your attention to and appreciation for the little things during big moments is evident in every frame.

Iva & Andrew
Kelly did a fantastic job of paying attention to what both bride and groom valued, and ended up delivering what we asked for, and even more than we expected. She captured moments that we didn’t even know that we wanted until we saw the photos afterwards. Her pictures were able to bring back the emotions of those moments as if we were experiencing them all over again. She also did a great job of being available when needed for capturing specific, spur of the moment photos, but also blending into the crowd when we were just enjoying our time with our guests. Thank you, Kelly!

Tiffany & Hayden
Dearest Kelly, Words escape me when I think back to that special day and how you were gracefully ever-present bringing your talents and kindness to the event in the most extraordinary way. I choke up thinking about how close I felt to you and how thankful I am that YOU were there as a fairy princess to sprinkle your magic upon my beloved guests. Everyone, especially my Mom, keeps complimenting us on our choice in you, Kelly. You have a huge fan club out West. I mean, I knew you’d be great, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy this process with you and how close you’d be with our special group. You really are a very special human being; that you know. But I want you to know how much you added to the wedding day and how much that means to me and Hayden.

Libby & Sean
Kelly is both a fantastic photographer and a wonderful person! My wife and I hired Kelly for our wedding and we are so happy at the work that Kelly put into making our special day even more memorable. From our first meeting with her to getting our final images, Kelly was attentive, understanding, flexible and professional. She is so organized and good at capturing the moments of your event, you’ll swear she had a whole team of photo ninjas! My wife and I really wanted photos that captured the feel of our wedding day and told a great story – Kelly delivered beyond our expectations. She has given us memories that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. We love her work and would happily work with her again in the future!

Kate & Chris
Kelly, these photos are stunning! Thank you so much for capturing the joy and spirit of that day with so many photos of our loved ones. We are so very grateful for your artistry.

Jen & Jason
I absolutely LOVE them!!!! You did such an amazing job of capturing all of the love and joy I felt that day. Looking through them brought back so many emotions from that day. Seriously, we can’t thank you enough. The main thing I didn’t want was wedding photos that looked flat and you somehow managed to be everywhere at once and you captured so much life in the photos. I love these so much. They’re so beautiful and natural and warm. There are so many moments I missed (or that went by in a blur) and it’s amazing to be able to see all of them. Photography was one of the things that was most important to us and we truly couldn’t be happier. And it was such a pleasure working with you. On our honeymoon there was a wedding on the beach at the resort we stayed in and the photographer was right up in the bride and groom’s faces with a giant camera through the whole ceremony. It made me so thankful that you were so unobtrusive (yet, seemingly everywhere at once) so I could just be in the moment the whole day without thinking about posing for the camera.

Emily & Matt
Matt and I are absolutely in LOVE with the [engagement] photos! I’m kind of speechless. You captured us SO well!

Ghenya & Jonathan
O-M-G!!!!!!!!!!! We absolutely love these [engagement] pictures Kelly! Thank you so very much for capturing our love for one another and for putting us at ease. I have already shared with many of our family and friends and they all agree that the pics are phenomenal!

Mandy, Hummingbird Events
Kelly, you are absolutely wonderful and I am so happy that we had the chance to work together. You are honestly the best on the day-of and leading into it. Thank you so much for your warm, calm and fun presence on the wedding day and for being such a complete sweetheart overall. It was a total joy to work with you and I hope we get to work together again ASAP.

Michelle & Brooks
Kelly — The photos are so wonderful! Thank you for doing such an amazing job at really capturing the whole day. I didn’t fully realize beforehand how important they will be to us –that this is how we’ll be accessing our memories of the wedding. Thank you for the care you took throughout.

Alisa & James
Kelly understands that technical expertise is only part of her job. She has excellent people skills that really put you at ease. She enables you to be yourself in front of the camera. She feels like a friend at the wedding who you have asked to take pictures. Kelly has a remarkable talent for getting the shots that she needs without feeling intrusive. When you see the pictures, you are surprised and pleased by how well she captured the day while letting the day happen.

Maddy & Matt
I’m so happy we chose you, because you were good about just letting us do our thing. It was clear that you wanted us to be comfortable and happy as a top priority. I think that couples really need to think about what kind of experience they want, in addition to what they want their pictures to look like. You’re a great and talented photographer, a good value, super kind and professional. We loved the experience and love our pictures.

Dith & Eli
Kelly is an amazing photographer with a great sense of humor. She may be your photographer for only one night but she will feel like a friend.

Nancy, mother of the bride
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of photographing my daughter’s wedding. You captured their true essence and unique quirkiness.

Alex & Noah
Thank you SO MUCH for these amazing photos. We are in awe and love them so much. Thank you for capturing this day for us! I loved seeing little details that I was too distracted to notice day-of. Also…do you have elves helping you? You managed to get so many different angles it’s hard to believe you’re only one person… :) Thank you again.

Stephanie & JP
Thank you so much for sending the pictures!! They are absolutely gorgeous and we are thrilled with them :) They really are incredible images, we can’t thank you enough, you captured so many great moments that I had forgot about.

Kelsey & Mike
Thank you for all your hard work at the wedding!! You were such a serene presence in an otherwise crazy day. I appreciate you helping us to get the shots we really wanted and just documenting the day in general because I feel like I will need those pictures to absorb it all. I know everyone always says this, but it is a shock how fast the whole thing goes by. After over a year of planning and stressing, it is just over in one day! Thankfully we’ll have your photos to reflect back on it for years to come.

Erin & Peter
Peter and I remain so grateful for the beautiful work you did for our wedding – as the months go by and that beautiful day slips into our memories, it’s such a gift to have these images to look back on to remember the joy and sacredness of it all! So mil gracis, a thousand thanks, for these images we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Marina & Joe
We had a really lovely experience working with you and are so pleased with our photos. I feel like the photos tell the story of the day in such a natural way, and you really captured the emotion of the event, which was a high priority for us.

Megan & Dave
Our photos turned out amazing! You are so talented and very easy to work with. Thank you so much!

Emily & Dave
Working with you was amazing! I don’t normally feel that comfortable in front of a camera, but you had such a friendly energy that I was able to relax. You managed to capture all the photos we wanted- formal portraits, spontaneous moments, gorgeous landscapes and with a perfect mix of being funny and friendly and laid back (plus the times I didn’t even notice you were there, and then looked at the pictures and couldn’t figure out how you got that shot!) It was the perfect mix of ahead-of-time planning and spontaneity, we got all the shots we wanted and you made everything happen quickly and seamlessly on the day. I really appreciated all the little details too- the welcome pack (with chocolate!) last fall, the questionnaire asking about all the wedding details in advance, the surprise preview photos- really excellent customer service:) We would definitely recommend you to all our friends- you were the best!

Kathleen, mother of the bride
You obviously care a lot about how you get the photos of the events and people, and the heart behind it all. We made the cakes, and we didn’t spend a ton on chairs, etc, but I sure am glad we spent the money to get you to come. You captured the emotion of the event, which for our family, was very important.

Franziska, mother of the groom
Ronald and I want to thank you again for the beautiful portfolio you created of George and Pauline’s wedding. We will truly cherish the memories you captured so artfully.

Katherine & Aaron
Kelly was great! She was easy to be comfortable with, was not in our faces all the time, managed the groups well, got awesome shots of folks who are often difficult to photo, and was very flexible with the timeline of the day. We felt incredibly comfortable with her as our photographer and we didn’t doubt for a second that her photos would be fantastic. We couldn’t be more happy with the results.