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Questions & Answers

If you were wondering…

How did you get into wedding photography?
I learned black and white film photography in high school, spending countless hours in the darkroom. Despite an early fear of photographing people, I grew to love making portraits. Unlike most parents of college-bound children, my father encouraged me to look at photography programs, but I didn’t want to, and instead pursued a degree in international studies. It wasn’t until a couple years out of college, when a colleague got engaged, that I learned how significant and emotional and candid wedding photography could be and that I wanted to do it.

What do you like most about weddings?
Getting to spend time around people who are ridiculously happy in love – the couple, their families, their friends. I love the emotions of the day, the anticipation, the vows you say to each other. Knowing that my images will become part of your family’s history, and that you’ll show them to children and grandchildren.

How would you describe your style?
I strive to create images that are clean, classic and candid. Others have described my style as artistic and emotional. My focus is on documenting the day as it unfolds – with an emphasis on moments and emotions. I supplement these images with relaxed portraits of the couple and their families.

Emily & Dave

Do you edit the images?
All images are individually color-corrected and adjusted for contrast. Approximately 30% of the images are delivered in black and white. If you prefer more in color or more in black and white, please let me know in advance. Editing does not include extensive Photoshopping.

When will we see our images?
Your images will be ready to view 6-8 weeks after the event.

Do we get all of the images?
Yes and no. I take many, many images on a wedding day. More than you would want to look at. I remove duplicates, unflattering images, and those with technical errors (such as a flash misfire). Everything deemed worthy is edited and delivered to you as high-resolution jpegs on a custom flash drive. I typically deliver approximately 50 final images per hour of coverage, though every event is unique and the final numbers vary. If you are interested in seeing a complete wedding, please let me know!

Do you offer albums?
Yes! Pictures deserve to be printed, and there’s no better way to see and preserve them than in an album. I offer an heirloom matted album, which is a modern take on the album your parents may have had. I also offer an elegant fine art wedding book.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use professional Canon cameras, lenses and flashes, and I always bring back-up gear. To see a complete list, read this blog post on what’s in my bag.

Do you work with second photographers?
Sometimes. I usually photograph weddings on my own and am very comfortable covering all the main events of the day by myself. I believe a single photographer will be less intrusive on your experience and that of your guests – and I take pride in my ninja-like skills. That said, for events with larger guest lists or that have multiple locations with simultaneous events, or for a greater diversity of coverage, you may want to consider adding a second photographer.

Do you shoot family formals?
Absolutely! Family formals not only make parents happy, but make future grandchildren happy and are an important part of your family’s history. That said, I understand that standing in a line is no one’s favorite activity, especially when you could be sipping cocktails or chatting with your best friend from college, so we work together to plan which groupings to take, and I make every effort to move through them efficiently.

The winter wedding of Elizabeth and Elijah on the MIT campus, Cambridge, MA.

How much time do we need for portraits?
I recommend 3-5 minutes per grouping, and 15 minutes or so for the couple.

Will you travel to our wedding in _________?
Almost certainly! Travel fees may apply for events further than 75 miles from zip code 02155.

Do you have insurance?
You bet I do!

Can you hold the date for us?
I’m sorry, but I cannot do that. With the limited number of wedding dates available, and to be fair to everyone, all weddings are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do we book you?
To book, I require both a signed contract and retainer equal to one-third of the package price.

How far in advance should we book?
I’ve had clients book anywhere from 2 weeks to 21 months in advance. Most choose to book 6-12 months in advance of their wedding. However, all dates are first-come first-served, so if you know you want me – don’t wait!

What happens if you get sick?
If there were an emergency and I couldn’t make it, I would reach out to one of my professional photographer colleagues, and have them step in for the day.

Should we do a first look?
Only if you want to. Seriously. For some clients, having a few quiet moments together before the ceremony can be a really wonderful experience. If you also choose to do your family formals before the ceremony, it means everyone can attend all of cocktail hour. That said, for some couples, it is really important to have the moment of walking down the aisle. I never push you one way or the other.

Katherine and Aaron

Should we have an unplugged wedding?
Again, it’s up to you! By encouraging guests to put down their devices, you are inviting them to be more present and involved in your celebration. It is far more wonderful to walk down the aisle to a sea of smiling guests than a wall of iPhones, iPads and cameras. That said, your guests want to remember this day too and I have no problem with them taking photos. I do request that they respect my role and not step in front of me. I may also ask them to step aside during family formals, so that we get everyone’s eyes focused in the same direction for these important images.

How do engagement sessions work?
Engagement sessions are a great time to get more comfortable in front of the camera, for me to see what angles look best for you and to learn how you two interact, and for you to have some lovely pictures to remember this time (and frame for your parents). I ask couples to choose a location that is meaningful to them, and then we spend about an hour and a half exploring together, talking and snapping, and chasing the beautiful light. For most of the time, I encourage you to get close and enjoy each other, but we mix in a few “look at the camera” shots that moms and grandmas tend to like.

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